What is tributors?

Tributors is a Python library and GitHub action that helps you to pay tribute to your contributors. Tribute interacts with several well-known repository metadata files:

Each of the services above allows you to generate some kind of metadata file that has one or more repository contributors. This file typically needs to be generated and updated manually, and this is where tributors comes in to help! Tributors will allow you to programmatically create and update these files. By way of using a shared cache, a .tributors file that can store common identifiers, it becomes easy to update several of these metadata files at once. You can set criteria such as a threshold for contributions to add a contributor, export an Orcid ID token to ensure that you have Orcid Ids where needed, or use an interactive mode to make decisions as you go.

How does it work?

Tributors uses the GitHub API, Orcid API, and Zenodo API to update your contributor files. You can use it locally, via a Docker container, or GitHub Workflow. See the Getting Started page to get started. If you would like to request a feature or contribute please Open an issue.